Runway Light System

The single biggest problem is pilots taking off and landing simultaneously from both ends of the runway.  In the real world the direction of take off is controlled by air traffic control and is based upon the direction of the wind.

However this is not always obvious in the virtual world and so a system of runway lights is necessary to tell pilots which way they should be going.

Please note that this is not intended to be an accurate  representation of the systems used in the real world. It is merely our squadrons method of keeping things as simple as possible for everybody concerned.

We will be placing bright lights and/or fires at the two ends of the runway so that pilots can see which way they should be taking off or landing.

                            1 light to 2

The system works like this. We take off from the runway end that has ONLY ONE LIGHT  i.e. we take off TOWARDS the two lights.

We land the same way. Approach the field towards the single light keeping the double lights at the far end.

One light

Two lights

If the pilot screws up the pilot dies

but if the ATC screws up...the pilot dies.