#1  Battle of France Campaign

The British Expeditionary Force (BEF) is struggling to hold off the German onslaught across Europe. The Royal Airforce arm of the BEF was called the Advanced Air Striking Force (AASF) of which we are a part, fighting a rear guard action trying to slow the Germans down.

This five part campaign contains recreations of actual events using the correct aircraft for the time.

The campaign was flown on Sunday nights starting March 14th through to April 11th ending with the evacuation of Dunkerque.

All members who flew the campaign will be awarded the virtual Bluejay Cross with Battle of France bar and the Croix de Guerre.

#2  1940 Red Sea Campaign

#3  1942 Operation Torch

This campaign follows typical missions carrier out by the P38s of the 14th squadron FG after the US landings in Moroco and push west into French Algeria.

There will be six missions - escort duties, ground pounding, ship hunts and raids upon enemy transports during the push into German held Tunisia.

Campaign begins Friday January 7th 2022

#4  1942 Enter the Fortress

Colonel Eaker arrived in England with an advanced detachment of six AirForce officers on February 20, 1942. The logistics of setting up airdromes, living quarters for crews and ground personnel, and supplies would take months. In time these problems were solved and the decision was made to launch operation “Bolero” (the code name given to the transfer of American forces from the United States to England) in preparation for the proposed “Roundup” — the plan for the invasion of France in April 1943.  The Air movement began on June 23, 1942 and the first missions were flown on August 17th.  This campaign is a recreation of the first ten B17 missions.

Campaign begins December 2023

#5  1940 Unsung Heroes

Campaign begins March 2024

In this series I have chosen to highlight a few French aircraft that, despite existing under apalling and unrealistic government demands, never-the-less went on to distinguish themselves in France's fight against the axis powers.