Starting Wednesday June 2nd at 6:30 EST  


A series of tutorials given by BJ-Jeff on how to survive as a fighter pilot. The course will begin with setting up your controls and continue to discuss the smart and not so smart way to attack an enemy fighter or bomber. Planning your attack and knowing your way out. Jeff will also talk about different tactics for different types of machine.

Date to be announced  


BJ-Arcangel will give a tutorial on how to fly heavies slowly. Feeling the movement of the aircraft and understanding how to use the avionics. This is a particularly useful skill when circling the field and waiting for others to form up. But if you can fly heavies slowly you can control them in any situation. This is a skill well worth having. Arcangel will give one-on-one instruction.  For appointment contact Leon directly or if you do not have his email book the appointment through Thrasher at -

Starting Sunday January 9th at 7:30 EST  

The Operation Torch Campaign

An historical recreation campaign involving six typical missions flown by the

USAF 14th FG P38s in Algeria and Tunisia.