Pilot Roll Call


The Bluejay Squadron

Welcomes New Pilots

Come Fly With Us

Although most of our members are gentlemen of mature years, our squadron is open to all ages over 20 years.

We welcome experienced and new fledgling pilots and our existing members are very happy to help and train new members in any areas of combat flying.

There are just a couple of basic rules to follow:

1.  Leave your politics at the hanger door

2.  No swearing or abusive language

3.  Respect the comms rules and mission briefing

4.  Have fun

When you apply you will receive a welcome letter containing a PDF brochure and general information. There are no membership fees or annual dues.

Upon joining the BLUEJAY SQUADRON you will receive:

A copy of our version of the simulator FREE

A set of your very own aircraft skins containing your serial number and identification letter  FREE

Training and technical help FREE

A set of PDF information documents FREE



Posted::: August 2020

INTRODUCING -  Arthur  BJ_Beebop

Arthur will be flying "E". Hotel  Serial number- B6496

Arthur lives in Oregon and has been flying for several years and is a seasoned Il2 pilot. Welcome Arthur.

Posted::: June 2020


Ron will be flying "H". Hotel  Serial number- B6473

Ron lives in Whitby Ontario and has been flying solo for some time. This will be his first experience flying with a Combat Squadron. Welcome Ron.

Posted::: January 2020

INTRODUCING -  Chris  BJ_Livernyc

Chris will be flying "LV". Lima Victor  Serial number- B6480

Chris hails from New York City and has been flying solo for some time. This will be his first experience flying with a Squadron. Welcome Chris.

Posted::: January 2020

INTRODUCING -  Mark  BJ_Lostboy

Mark will be flying "LB"  Lima Bravo.  Serial number- B6475

Mark is a fellow Canadian living in the Bowmanville area.  Mark found his wings in the BOAA flight School and is now looking forward to flying with the Bluejays. Welcome Mark

Pilot in training for the future